Drake Accounting Services in Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa

We provide affordable accounting, tax and payroll services to small and medium enterprises (SMMEs). We are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

  • Accounting Services

    Our list of outsourced accounting services include:

      Annual Financial Statements; Business Valuations for Companies, Close Corporations & Partnerships; Cash Flow Management; Cash Flow Management; Compiling of Budgets; Creditors Management; Debtors Management; Financial Management; Inventory Management; Management Accounts; Monthly Bookkeeping;
  • Tax Services

    We provide the following outsourced tax services to businesses:

      Completion and submission of Income Tax returns; Completion and submission of Provisional Tax returns; Completion and submission of VAT returns; Completion and submission of PAYE/UIF/SDL returns; Completion and submission of EMP501 returns; Correspondence with SARS; Registration of Income Tax, VAT and PAYE/UIF/SDL; Requesting Tax Clearance certificates; Tax Planning; Tax Advice; and SARS Audits
  • Payroll Services

    We are a reliable, affordable payroll company. We offer outsourced payroll solutions. We operate out of Edenvale, Gauteng, and focus on the Johannesburg and Gauteng market, but we also provide accounting, tax and payroll services to clients around the country. We work with all major accounting software packages, including Pastel and Quickbooks. Contact Us today for a no obligation quote or view our rates page to see our prices for yourself


Drake Accounting Services
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