Repello SA cc in East London

Repello SA cc manufactures and distributes 100% natural insect repellents, cleaning products, immune boosters and more across Africa and the rest of the world. We supply Game Parks, Guest Houses, B&Bs, Supermarkets and the general public in areas where insects such as mosquitoes, biting insects and flys are in high concentration. Our Insect repellent products are very popular amongst campers, fishermen, braaiers and other general outdoor activists. As our insect repellents are 100% natural they are save for the whole family including children and pets.
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    100% Natural insect repellents. Summer is coming, be prepared for the mozzies...
  • cleaners

    We have a range of cleaning products for home, office and industry.
  • MMS

    The Guardian Angel is here. Jim Humble's Miracle Mineral Supplement.


Repello SA cc

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