Maid for You - Cleaning & Domestic Services in East London

Maid for You offers a professional, tailor made, environmentally friendly cleaning solution for your home or business along with the option of a recycling service.

  • Cleaning and Domestic Services

    *Cleaning Services

    A team of trained ladies will be assigned to you on your required day/s to perform all general cleaning duties including ironing, which will be done on a weekly basis and deep cleaning duties to be covered over a four week cycle. They will be equipped with their own high quality cleaning materials which will have the environmental seal of approval.

    We also clean offices, apartment blocks, once-off cleaning, new build clean-ups.

    *Domestic Services

    Maid for You domestic service provides a daily domestic service whereby one of our employees is assigned to your home for the days required by you.

    Maid for You Domestic Services is perfect for those not wanting the hassle of drawing up Contracts of Employment or managing annual leave, sick leave or UIF. It is ideal for short-term cover of your own domestic worker over holiday periods, sick leave or maternity leave.

    *Domestic Placements

    Maid for you offers a Placement service whereby we search our database of reference checked candidates and match a person to your specific requirements.

    *UIF Registration and contracts of employment

    We also assist in the drawing up of employment contracts and UIF registrations for existing employees.

    • Cleaning and Domestic Services


Maid for You - Cleaning & Domestic Services

cleaning and domestic services