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“The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is THE Little Extra” A1 Pest Control established in 2003, ensures personal commitment and supervision on pest control services in the East London/Gonubie area. We are proud of our reputation of both excellence and dependability in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our success is reliant on satisfied Customers, and given that our Customer’s needs are essential to our service delivery we constantly review the efficacy of our products used to ensure that we give you quick, efficient and professional results for your pest eradication. We: Are Registered with the Department of Agriculture and are fully compliant with their requirements for using environmentally friendly products. Offer advice to help you prevent unwanted pests gaining access back into your property. Actively review risks and their controls in an effort to constantly improve standards of health and safety in the light of new technology, legislation and best practice. Our Technicians and remedies registered with Department of Agriculture (Act 36/ 1947). Use SABS tested products. Documentation and support for health inspection authorities. Application of newest technology and latest products. All products and services are HACCP* (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Point) compliant. We work in partnership with many of the leading property management companies in the Gonubie/East London area, because we have come to know what is important to landlords, tenants and agents alike: technical excellence, attention to detail, respect for personal property, discretion and, of cause, value for money! Visit our website at www.a1pestcontrol.co.za


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    A1 Pest Control has an excellent reputation within: 1. The Commercial Sector : Youth Clubs, Sports Facilities, Health Services, Manufacturing, Warehouses, Farms, Restaurants, Supermarkets and Hotels2. The Public sector: Offices, Schools etc. 3. The Private sector : Guest Houses Residential Property - from one bedroom Flats to Stately Homes. Our services are extended to include: Regular servicevisits/inspections to all specified areas of premises. Reporting system, recording each service visit, with details of pest infestation, findings, advice or recommendations, treatment carried out andpesticides used.Emergency call-outs or follow-up visits to deal with infestations. Technical expertise that ensures pesticides is used effectively and efficiently. A complete understanding ofappropriate health and safety regulations. A1 Pest Control guarantees you Cost Effective Solutions for the following Inspections: Woodborer, Termites, Dry Rot and Electrical Inspections. InspectionTreatments: Woodborer and Termites treatments which include fumigation, prevention treatment, pre-construction and post-construction termite treatment. Issuing of Clearance Certificates. Fumigationto ceiling height: When active woodborer activity is noted in floors and joinery, the treatment method is to seal all windows and doors, making the structure airtight and then introducing a lethalgas (Methyl bromide) to ceiling height for a period of 24 hours. After the 24 hour period the structure is then ventilated and tested to be gas free, before anyone is allowed to re-enter thestructure. Tenting: When active woodborer activity is noted in the roof timbers, the treatment method is to tent the structure, thereby making the entire structure airtight and then introducing alethal gas (Methyl bromide) for a period of 24 hours. After the 24 hour period the tent is then removed and the structure is ventilated and tested to be gas free, before anyone is allowed to re-enterthe structure. Safety requirements applicable to the above procedures: List of precautionary measures is given to the occupant, which must be strictly adhered to. Eradication of pests : A briefdescription of the more common pest problems are noted below. Ants: Interior of house : The floor skirting, window sills, cracks and crevices on preparation tables in kitchen is treated. Exterior ofhouse: all nests on exterior parameter of the foundation is treated. If numerous nests are found, a garden treatment may be recommended. Fleas: Treatment is a floor treatment, where all carpetedareas, which include floor skirting, cracks & crevices, are covered with a pesticide. Cockroaches/fish moths: Treatment is applied to all cupboard corner areas, cracks & crevices, skirting,behind fridges and other electrical appliances. Rodents: Bait stations are used to eradicate rodents. Since there are numerous treatment methods for other pests not noted above, not all are mentionedhere, but we do undertake all pest problems for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.
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