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Web design, web hosting, domain registration, photography, photo editing, web content writing, copywriting, proofreading, editing, English/Afrikaans translation, logo design

  • web design

    Web design for South Africa at a price of just R200 per page. Many free extras include logo design, copywriting, slideshows, photo editing, animated gifs
    • web design
    • web design
    • web design
    • web design
    • web design
    • web design
    • web design
    • web design
  • web hosting

    Web hosting at just R55 per month or R480 per year, for websites under 25 meg - this is about 30 pages if not too many images. Unlimited traffic and email addresses.
  • domain registration

    Domain registration is R100 per year, to be renewed annually.
  • copywriting

    Researching of subject, and writing of it. Article writing. Copywriting for website content with SEO keywords inserted.Price is R200 per 500 words.
  • proofreading

    Basic proofreading of typed work, includes checking for correct typing, spelling, grammar and punctuation.Proofreading price: R30 per 500 words.
  • editing

    Editing is more than proofreading and the price is R50 per 500 words. Includes checking for correct word choice, conistency of tenses, paragraph and sentence structure
  • photo editing

    Editing of photos, or enhancements, alterations and more.
  • logo design

    R200 black&whiteR300 colourLogo designs are put on a cd and posted, or emailed. No printing of logos.
  • photography

    Supplying of photos for website content.
  • free information supplier

    Find information on our website about comfrey cream, with a recipe, cats, song lyrics, free photography ebooks, free DIY for free SEO tips, primary school long jump coaching techniques, free traffic exchanges, Hogsback, Seagulls Beach Hotel, and a long list of work from home ideas to get you thinking!
  • online short story for children

    Read all about Percy Penguin's Big Escape. Set at the East London Aquarium, with 14 photos to carry the story along. Read to your younger child while educating about aquariums, or let your older child read on own. Also great for teaching how pictures can help create a story, or with the development of it.
  • English/Afrikaans written translation

    Translation of English/Afrikaans written work.Translation price R50 per 500 words.


1pic4twenty TnT Unleashed

web design web hosting domain registration copywriting proofreading editing photo editing logo design photography free information supplier online short story for children english/afrikaans written translation