Strong Foundation in Durbanville

The Strong Foundation team has extensive Corporate, Business, Coaching, Counselling and Human Resource experience. Strong Foundation was established in 1991 and has dedicatedly invested into the lives of people and their companies, seeing them grow and become extraordinary individuals. Our aim is to coach and also train Practitioner Coaches in the building of individual’s personal and career strong foundation. This forms a basis from which they will influence their world, whether this is in work, government, education, families, society and churches. This is done through excellence and healthy servant-leadership practices. Our services include: Executive, Business, Leadership and Life Coaching Coach Training Emotional intelligence training Leadership Development Human Resource services, and Counselling

  • Coaching

    At Strong Foundation, coaching is defined as a confidential and highly personal learning process. The experience is structured to result in effective action, improved performance, and personal growth for the individual as well as better results for the organisation.
  • Emotional intelligence training

    A 3-day programme designed to foster skills for emotionally intelligent living.What you will achieve:*Finding a balance between feelings, reason, logic, reality*Tools to assist you in verbalizing feelings, needs, wishes*To know that there is always a choice*How to be intrinsically motivated*How to be emotionally resilient*How to be comfortable with intense feelings*Ability to see different perspectives*Ability to take risks and make mistakes


Strong Foundation

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