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Suezette Smit is the founder and Managing Director of Performance Development Interactive, an international skills development company, formed in 2002, and known for the creation of sophisticatedprofessional development programmes for all levels of business personnel. With more than 20 years of experience in the administrative business arena, training, entrepreneurship and innovation,Suezette empower business professionals to move beyond task work to higher-level functions so they can meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of today's workplace. As an international speaker,corporate trainer, consultant and author Suezette is best known for her OPDP™ Office Performance Development Programme, a tri-level, interpersonal skill training curriculum designed to assistprofessionals in become results producers. Suezette relates well to all types of business professionals in a variety of industries. After working as a corporate employee for 15 years and thenfounding her own business in 2002, she understands what it is like to be on "both sides of the desk". As such, she has a unique ability to bond with and understand the management team's need as wellas the employees' needs. She then helps turn potential talent into demonstrative competence as she inspires people to operate to their full potential. Highlights of her career include: NationalPresident of the Office Professional Association in South Africa, International Liaison for Office Professionals in the USA, International speaker with performances in Chicago and New Zealand,Finalist in the Clover, Egoli and Rooi Rose's Personal Assistant of the Millennium and Finalist in the Sanlam Business Woman of the Year. She is a dynamic speaker loved by audiences for she bringsexperience to the program rather than the theoretical approach reflecting her "has been there, done that" attitude. Her uniqueness is that she not only sees it the way it is, but tells it the way itis so that everyone can understand and therefore she delivers with a refreshing condor and a hint of attitude filled with humor and energy. Her stepping onto 1400 degrees hot coals made her realizethat her personal motto in life being "If you can Conceive it and Believe it you can Achieve it" makes her unstoppable in reaching success in life by making use of two very important personalcharacteristics, namely positivity and perseverance which she applies to everything she does. Suezette regularly appears as Motivational Speaker and Master of Ceremonies. Her client list is verydiverse and includes blue chip companies, charities and the educational sector.
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    PDI specialises in various skills development programmes for administrative staff up to executive management.


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