Empty Capsules in Durbanville

Make your own herbal capsules at home. Empty capsules and capsule fillers, as well as silica gel sachets, available at our online shop.
Empty capsules and silica gel
  • Empty capsules - 1000 size '00' gelatin clear (R190)

    Empty gelatin capsules (clear) - size '00' - pack of 1000 capsules
  • Capsule filler - size '00' (R380)

    Filling your own capsules at home is easy, rewarding and economical. When you fill your own capsules, you can rest assured that they contain no fillers, bulking agents, synthetic chemicals, GMO's,colourants or preservatives. Creating your own unique herbal or vegetable blends gives you complete control of your supplements. You choose what works best for you. Taking a capsule is a morepleasant, easy way to take vegetable or herbal powders, because they help mask strong flavours that you - and especially your children - may find disagreeable.
    • Capsule filler - size '00'


Empty Capsules
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