Arkitekt-ICT in Durbanville

1. Implementation, Customization, Giving Direction, Managing Compliance, Ensuring Time of Delivery, Consultation and Advice to Board level. 2. Provide functional and technical leadership in thedevelopment and support of systems. 3. Gather business requirements and processes to accomplish development and support activities. 4. Ensure successful alignment between functional requirements andtechnical solution. 5. Manage resources (people, hardware and software) for support and development - including mentoring (not spoon-feeding) - white-space situations. 6. Vast management experiencehas led to the identification and enhancement team synergies. 7. Most often used in re-alignment of problematic projects - since author was one of the first ten Siebel Trainers in South Africa, sochosen because of existing (especially Oracle) skillset (having worked for Oracle). 8. Over 25 years of Development experience and skillset has enabled quick problem resolution and orchestration ofTeam capabilities. 9. Expertise spans disciplines of Software Development, Infrastructure, and Integration. Specialties:CONSULTANT CORPORATE CERTIFICATION ? TOGAF ? Siebel Certified Consultant (SCC)- (Siebel eBusiness 2000 Comprehensive Exam) 02/2001. ? Certified Alpha Project Manager (Europe) as at mid 1998. ? Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) UNIX Advanced Certified Engineer (ACE) as at end 1995; ?Novell Certified NetWare Engineer (CNE) as at beginning 1991; Over 30 years IT experience in the major disciplines of hardware, networking, software and architecture will ensure the best advice andSupport for your particular startup or business expansion, or the solution to your IT problems. With the correct and necessary IT fundamentals research has proven that your business will soar. In noparticular order: GENERAL HIV Tracking for Donor Organizations; Data Cleansing; Analysis, Design & Coding; VPN Implementation; Documentation & Training; Reports on Reports; DatabaseMigration, Upgrade or Development; CRM / PRM (Siebel Architect); Regulatory Compliance; Whatsapp Integration; Cloud Integration; Project Management; Database Index Optimization; EnterpriseArchitecture; Solutions Architecture; Re-Engineer Operating Business Model; Database & Solution Migration; Infrastructure Architecture; Organizational Change Management; SOA Architecture; LegacyIntegration & Transformation; Factory Automation; New Business Startup Planning & Implementation; Social Media Software Development - Monitoring of Registered Inbound Marketers, MarketAnalysis Spiders and Bots; INDUSTRIES SFA (Sales Force Automation); PCI (Payment Card Industry); Airline Maintenance & Flight Scheduling; Public Sector; Agricultural Sector; Insurance;Manufacture; Telco; Pharma: Contact 084 827 6202


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