Lunchtime Foods in Durbanville - Cape Town

ABOUT LUNCHTIME FOODS (LTF):Started in January 2010, initially focused specifically on the Banking Sector. With the intervention of doing Health & Wellness presentations to staff & Management at the ABSA branches. By end April LTF had quadrupled in turnover & continues to grow at a rapid pace. The phenomenal response from both Management & staff has naturally resulted in word of mouth advertising, based on timeous delivery of good quality food at affordable prices. This has added tremendous VALUE to ABSA in the form of convenience, time saving, productive & well nourished staff, Management approval & most important of all a MASSIVE time savings.With people talking about our services, LTF has spilled over into various business sectors such as business parks & office estates. The sincere & professional conduct of LTF staff has led to out now catering for Companies on a daily basis in addition to delivering our food. LTF RESEARCH INDICATORS:• Due to the demands placed on business owners & employees, little time is available to enjoy a HYGIENICALLY PREPARED, WHOLESOME, READY TO EAT meal;• People are passive by nature & would rather go without food than take time to enjoy a QUICK, NOURISHING, INEXPENSIVE & WELL BALANCED meal prepared & delivered by LTF;• Those that do take the time to have a quick BITE, generally rush like mad to find food, “fill the hole” with JUNK FOOD & then rush like mad to get back to the office in time;• With barely enough time to prepare lunch for the children, there is limited time left to pack a lunchbox for work. Then of course there’s the “schlep” of carrying the lunchbox to work!


Lunchtime Foods

catering & day to day delivery of food dishes