The Fohla Security Group ("FSG") in Durban

Private/forensic investigators. Debtor & third party tracing agents. Security guarding services. Security and risk management auditors, consultants and managers. Database intelligence research. Supply and install CCTV and covert electronic surveillance equipment
  • Private/forensic Investigators

    Investigation support to legal practitioners, the insurance industry, government departments and business in general. 23 years experience. Service offered nationally and internationally. Acknowledged white collar crime and missing persons investigative specialists.
  • Debtor Tracing

    Debtor tracing services are offered nationally and internationally to legal practitioners with a collections practice and the credit control function of credit providers.
  • Third Party Tracing Agents

    The service is offered nationally to the recoveries function of insurers. Intended to locate Third Parties, determine attitude to claim, establish the identity of Third Party's insurer and to assess Third Party's financial position.
  • Risk Managers, Auditors & Consultants

    All the services of Fohla Security are intended to assist clients to manage business related risks. Fohla Secuirty offers several specific risk audits and renders a consultancy service to manage the implementation of risk management strategies
  • Security Guarding

    Fohla Security is a registered security service provider in terms of the Private Security Industry Regulations Act. We supply all grades of security guards. Our guarding services are uniquely constructed to act specific value to the overall risk management objectives of clients. Guarding services are limited to the Durban metropolitan area.
  • Database Intelligence Research Specialists

    Appropriate Intelligence is the foundation of sound business decisions and risk management. Fohla Security knows where to look for what. Our resource base and vast informer network permit us access to a vast range of confidential databases.
  • CCTV & Covert surveillance electronics

    Supply and installation, incorporating the very latest in technology.


The Fohla Security Group ("FSG")

private/forensic investigators debtor tracing third party tracing agents risk managers, auditors & consultants security guarding database intelligence research specialists cctv & covert surveillance electronics