Thalamic Systems in Durban

A Durban based company focusing on the planning, implementation and support of Microsoft and Linux/OSS software, mostly for the Small, Micro and Medium sized enterprises.A lot of our work is in the supply and support of dedicated or multi-purpose Servers and firewalls, network and desktop support, etc.We also provide a variety of other products and services including consultation and development services.
  • Linux

    Implementation and support of Linux and OSS software. File and Email Servers, firewalls, etc.
  • Microsoft Solutions

    Implementation and support of Microsoft products.
  • Network Security

    Implementation and support of network security infrastructure such as firewalls.
  • IT Support

    Implementation and support of networks, Desktop PC's, etc.
  • Webhosting

    Providing web hosting packages, email spooling, newsletters, etc. Also provide Internet Connectivity - ADSL, dial-up.
  • Internet Connectivity

    Provision of Internet Connectivity such as ADSL and dial-up Internet.
  • VPN

    VPN (Virtual Private Network) Planning, implementation and support in order to provide robust and secure communications links between different premises.


Thalamic Systems

linux microsoft solutions network security it support webhosting internet connectivity vpn