Space Television in Durban

Space Television is South Africa's premier provider of integrated satellite, television and CCTV solutions. Our highly experienced team has the in-depth knowledge and resources to allow us to provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions, and we are dedicated to ensuring that both dealers and end users receive a value-enhancing and professional service. Space Television is a leading provider of integrated satellite, interactive television and CCTV services, focusing on providing affordable and seamless solutions to developers, project managers and end users. An unsurpassed range of quality CCTV and satellite products, backed up by extensive experience and know-how, make Space TV the only choice when it comes quality, cost, convenience and peace of mind.

  • CCTV Cameras

    Space Television offers an integrated, one-stop solution for all your satellite and terrestrial television requirements as well as the design and installation of CCTV , Congress, Public address and access control facilities. Our size and the diversity of our range allows us to offer highly competitive and client-sensitive pricing, while our products are the subject of full-exchange warranties of between one and three years.


Space Television
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