SmartTRAC in Durban

SmartTRAC vehicle tracking device with advanced GPS/GPRS real time tracking software is suitable for cars, vans, taxis, boats, jet-ski’s etc. SmartTRAC users are able to track with ease, LIVE in real time where their assets are and monitor asset movement!

SmartTRAC vehicle tracking devices will improve the efficiency of your mobile assets by reducing reckless driving and mis-use of your asset with a full history replay and a detailed mileage report. Unable to contact your loved ones? No need to panic. Simply locate with our FREE tracking software!

SmartTRAC vehicle tracking devices are accurate, reliable and ICASA approved.

No Monthly fees and no Contracts on our DIY tracking units are most certainly our way of giving back to you! Whether it is GPS Tracking, Asset Tracking, Live Tracking or Satellite tracking...SmartTRAC has the Smart Solution for YOU!