SMARTEDGE Technologies (PTY) Ltd in Durban

SMARTEDGE offers online software for accounting and business management.

SMARTEDGE online business and accounting software gives companies and their advisors easy access to all their financial business data over the internet.

With SMARTEDGE there is no need to buy or install any software on your computer. You just subscribe to our software as a service and access it from any computer over the internet. We make daily back-ups of your data and upgrade the software for you automatically.

  • SMARTEDGE Invoicing

    SMARTEDGE BT1 Invoicing is an online invoicing system designed for small businesses that wants to produce correct and professional looking invoices. It is a perfect upgrade from manually issuing invoices using Excel or Word.
  • SMARTEDGE Customer Relationship Management

    SMARTEDGE CRM ensures that you are on top of every customer activity. All the key information about your leads, customers, opportunities, sales and customer service activities are available directly to you in one place.Perfect for any small business with a sales force requiring online CRM software.
  • SMARTEDGE Accounting

    SMARTEDGE offers an online accounting system that gives you and your accountant easy access to your bank transactions, invoices, expenses, value added tax and financial reports.
  • SMARTEDGE Enterprise Suites

    SMARTEDGE Enterprise Suites offer comprehensive and integrated business management software for small and medium-sized businesses. Our online software provides you with an efficient tool to manage your growing organisation enabling you to monitor services, stock deliveries, purchasing, financial performance and productivity with ease.
  • SMARTEDGE Practice Management

    SMARTEDGE Practice Management enables you as an accountant to effectively manage your practice. Integrated client login and automatic time tracking makes it easy to manage your practice and keep client books on SMARTEDGE.


SMARTEDGE Technologies (PTY) Ltd

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