Sienza Asphalting and paving in Durban

Sienza Projects is a dynamic, company who has been providing customers with quality materials and workmanship. Sienza Projects have developed specialist skills in paving, retaining walls and asphalt(tar) in the commercial, industrial and residential markets. Only SABS approved materials are used to ensure a top quality product.
  • Asphalt

    Sienza Projects are also specialists in providing customers with both residential, commercial and industrial type asphalting (tar). Due to the fact that diversity of the use of asphalt differs from job to job, an assessment of the site will determine the specifications of the materials needed e.g. thickness and type of crusher run, thickness and type of asphalt mix, use of concrete curb stones etc. All asphalt projects are compacted with an industrial roller.
  • paving

    Should it be to pave your driveway, a commercial real estate development, with brick, slabs, interlocking etc. we can assist.
  • Retaining walls

    The interlocking systems are unique as it offers versatility, adaptability and plantability for all kinds of situations. They are available for both light and heavy duty usage in a variety of colours and textures. Engineer's specifications and stability reports are available on request...


Sienza Asphalting and paving

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