RLJ Phoenix Consulting in Durban

Let us get you ready for your rating / verification. Educate anyone on B-BBEE from 1795 - current.(Alignment Session) Link you to qualified suppliers.Capacity build procurement staff in the correctimplementation of B-BBEE to maximum benefit of company.
Advising all size companies in the correct implementation of B-BBEE, private and public sector since 2001
  • B-BBEE Compliance

    A documented process ensuring full operational and policy compliance with all legislation. Since 2001.Alignment Session: 2,5 hr interactive session covering everything on B-BBEE from 1795 - current.Business Linkage: Black Partner Sourcing:B-BBEE Opportunities
  • Rating Readiness

    Let us take you through the formal process of preparing your verification file so that everything is in order when you request a rating from an ABVA / SANAS / IRBA accredited rating agency.

  • B-BBEE Advocacy

    Get an in - depth understanding of what you have to do as a company champion around B-BBEE so that you do it right and do not waste your time and money on incorrect advice. Request an Alignment Session where we take you from zero to hero.


RLJ Phoenix Consulting
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