Record Preparation Services in Durban

We specialise in the preparation of Appeal Court Records and Transcriptions and offer a Virtual Secretarial Service.

Contact us for affordable, convenient and reliable assistance.

After-hours service available. Rates negotiable.

Confidentiality assured.

  • Appeal Court Records:

    We peruse all documentation and extract the relevant pleadings and exhibits for inclusion in the Appeal Record, each of which will be "cleaned" (if necessary), perused and cross-referenced, line numbered, indexed, paginated and labeled strictly in terms of the applicable Court Rules.

    The Record is separated into volumes comprising approximately 100 pages each, and the required number of copies are produced. Each volume has a strong white cardboard backing, a clear plastic cover and is firmly secured with cloth binding which is easy to open and will not scratch the Judges' desks!

  • Transcriptions:

    Fast and accurate, we transcribe digital recordings of meetings, disciplinary hearings, arbitrations, trials, etc.

  • Virtual Secretarial Service:

    We offer a hassle-free off-site secretarial service whereby instructions and dictation are typically communicated through email or by telephone - a functional solution when your secretary unexpectedly calls in sick, for after-hours assistance or simply for overflow work.


Record Preparation Services
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