Quebeka - cargo security in DURBAN

cargo and container door locks and kingpin locking systems. reduce risk of cargo break-ins and trailer theft. high strength steel design for added security. .

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    · new high strength cargo door locks · high strength metal welding, minimum thickness of steel 6mm. · made from high tensile spring steel - making it extremely difficult to saw through. · laser cut locking holes for accuracy · specially bent lock claws engineered by suspension and spring makers · baked and hardened at 1000 degress celcius · due to flexible adjustments the 5th lock can be used on any cargo vehicle to shipping containers · 13mm locking shaft · robust heavy duty structure - weighs 4 kilograms · accomodates shipping seal in lock housing or insert large pad lock for extra security. · suitable for all applications and industries - e. G construction companies, government, container shipping companies, container manufacturers,transporters, freight companies, etc · excellent value - no other lock compares rand for rand. · locks rods doors from 230mm to 430mm apart · electro-plated for extra durability. · reuse from one truck or container - fullt transferable · excellent investment in theft deterrance .

    • Cargo and container door locks and clamps and kingpin manufacturers


Quebeka - cargo security
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