PORT OF CALL in Durban

We have a consultancy business that offers commercial diving services for underwater ship maintenance and Civils related projects in terms of Dams, Pipelines, Resevoirs.We also offer Acoustic Emission Inspection which tests all types of structures for damage, such as storage tanks, LPG Spheres, Pressure Vessels, Concrete Structures.
  • Underwater Ship Maintenance

    Hull CleaningUnderwater CCTV SurveysUnderwater RepairsCofferdam RepairsTowage and SalvageEngine RepairsSafety Equipment InspectionsVessel Supplies
  • Commercial Diving for Civils Projects

    Pipeline Surveys and RepairsDam Surveys and RepairHarbour Re-ConstructionUnderwater Welding and Cutting
  • Acoustic Emission Inspections

    Online Inspections using Acoustic Emission to test for any damage / corossion on all types of structures such as Storage Tanks, LPG Spheres, Pipelines, Concrete Structures



underwater ship maintenance commercial diving for civils projects acoustic emission inspections