Lundini Easytalk in Durban

Lundini Enterprize was launched in 1990. Lundini-Easytalk is part of lundini Enterprize but deals only with cell phones airtime( anything in telecommunication industry)

Lundini-Easytalk offers a wide range of high quality, affordable telecommunications products and services to South African consumers.

MISSION: Maintain and expand the business by providing service of superior quality with a personal touch to customers.

Vission: Our collective purpose is to create opportunities and empower people to take up their rightful place in society. We provide technology, a network and financial services which create jobs, keep money in communities and create opportunities.

  • Airtime Manufacturing Machine

    Manufacture your own Prepaid Recharge Vouchers, sell and Supply them to : Re-sellers Tuck Shop Vendors Big Shops Petrol Station General Public Please Note: Our Dealers get airtime directly from the service providers prices change from time to time to what the networks are offering at that time, so prices may drop or increase marginally but we continue to try get you the best prices in SA

    We are appointing Dealers across the country. Contact us NOW

    Bulk Airtime Manufacturing R5999

  • Fax T o Email

    FAX TO EMAIL RESELLER BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Resellers get their own fax2email website. Here you can instantaneously create 086 fax2email numbers for your clients. There are no additional charges to register as a fax2email agent, its included in your resellers package R2450 ONCE OFF What do You Get For R2450 1.Website e.g You also receive a link where you are able to login and view your stats in real-time. You can manage the numbers on your profile and view the amount of minutes renerated 2. You earn 24 cents per minute for every fax that is sent to the numbers you created The fax2email service is a free service that you can offer your clients and there are no limit on the amount of numbers you are allowed to create 3. Free Hosting for your website How Do You Get Paid? You earn 24 Cents per minute for every fax that is sent to the numbers you created throw your website Example: If you give 100 clients a free fax2email number, and each receive only 1 fax per day, then you earn: R0.24 x 100 = R24 p/day x 30 days = R720 p/month

  • Hand Held Airtime Machine

    DESK TOP Airtime And Electricity MACHINE R1200 Print Airtime And Electricity Vouchers Earn Ongoing commission from the sales of your customers No computer or software needed

  • Starter Packs

    Get R10 activation bonus and also get ongoing commission every time the starter Pack you supplied loads airtime you will get a percentage out of that.


Lundini Easytalk
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