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Photography is the art of capturing that fleeting moment forever…Here at Luminessence Photography we take an alternative approach to photography – we don’t use studio lighting but rather shoot from the hip (or rather, heart). When we see a beautiful moment and know it’s right we capture it immediately, creating magnificent visual moments out of the most ordinary things and shooting larger, more complex subjects with visual grace. With over 18 years of photographic experience and big corporate names under our belt, as well as being qualified graphic artists, we have the knowledge and skill to manipulate light, shape and colour to capture powerful commercial photographs or to shoot beautiful people or nature photographs that record the humility of the moment. Photographs, unlike video give the viewer the chance to be alone with his or her thoughts and to truly absorb its charm. We specialise in the following genres: •Corporate•Family•Engagement/Couples Shoots•Baby/Pregnancy•Pets•Birthdays & AnniversariesContact us now for more information or to book a photography session and keep your eye on our blog for specials!Luminessence Photography O: 031 765 2114C: 082 456 2088E: W:
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    Affordable, professional event and corporate photography.


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