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Welcome to JNC Helicopters.

We are a well-established helicopter charter, training and general aviation service provider. We are based at Virginia Airport, Durban, on the East Coast of South Africa. Our subtropical climate provides good weather conditions throughout the year, making this an ideal location for helicopter charters and training flights.

Our base is within walking distance to the beach, a golf course, a couple shops and many schools.

The JNC team consists of highly experienced pilots who are ready to take you under their wing; For a journey through the serenity of the Drakensberg Mountains to a quick sight seeing tour of our lovely city, or teach you to fly a helicopter, perhaps even rescuing you from the treacherous seas or merely dropping you off for a round of golf.

At JNC Helicopters our aim is to provide a quality assured, safe and exciting gateway to your helicopter flight. Many people do not follow their dreams, because they are not sure about the information they need, where to go, where to stay and or even how to get there. Here at JNC helicopters, we do our outmost best to eliminate any uncertainty and take you under our wing from start to finish. So why not realize your dream, where our professional and highly trained instructors will equip you with all the necessary skills to learn to fly a helicopter. Or allow us to fly your VIP’s or clients to their destinations having an aerial overview of your operations while your clients enjoy the safety and comfort of flying.

For those foreigner individuals who are interested, we understand you have different needs that need some extra attention especially from us, as not only do our students come form South Africa but; South/North America, Europe, Australasia and Germany amongst others. So wherever you come from in the world, your needs will be met from; transferring you from the airport to your accommodation, helping you getting settled in, to booking you into the flight school and when you are finished we will take you back to catch your return flight.

Interested? Want to know more? Contact us for further information or to answer any questions you may have. Your questions, in addition to making things clearer for you, help us to provide a better service for you. If you live nearby, why not pop in to meet with us, and take a tour of our school?

we even sell helicopters!


The Concept of Helicopter Branding:


This is a new innovative way of displaying your client's company or brand name to the mass. Helicopters suggest wealth, and by branding one of our helicopters we give your client(s) the opportunity to "own" or present "their" helicopter; or at least this is how it appears. Branded helicopters soon get a name for themselves, we have often hear our R44 being referred to as "The Chem Spec machine" by helicopter passers, even though "House of Paint" aka "Chem Spec" might not own it. Other branded helicopters, have taken on their branding names such as the Surf Rescue helicopter that was the "Vodacom" helicopter by everyone, or the "John Ralph" or "Hansa" heli. With the world cup coming up we get many requests by clients to fly over the stadiums, up the coasts and around the city. This will give your client Maximum exposure.


Exposure opportunities:

Your branded helicopter will bee seen at many big events, as our helicopters are used for filming, photographing and many other things, in events such as: the Duzi, Eston Mountain Biking Challenges, Immano Wildride, Powerade Triple Challenge and most other big races in and around our area of operation.

We also fly for the metro police, I- max, ministerial transfers and VIP's, land in game reserves or hotels, as well as Shopping Malls. Although we get the most exposure flying up and down the coast line with regards to charters and training. Our client base includes many foreigners and many young, rich students who train with us.


On a last note on the exposal side we fly/have flown many important people;

Nelson Mandela, Ivan Clark, the CEO of Boeing, the Zulu King and so fourth…


Additional Benefits:

Not only will we be able to advertise your client's product, we can give the client added benefits such as reduced charter rates. We will also make our hanger available for the client to set up events, such as a company dinner party, in which the helicopter will be available for the companies use (at the reduced rate). Not only is this a great benefit for the company, but it also gives people the impression that the helicopter belongs to the company.



Half Brand

R 5000 per month

We will sell other space, but not within a conflict of interest capacity.


Full Brand

R 10000 a month

We fully encase our machine(s) with your client's brand name, logo or image; essentially giving him the status and recognition he needs.


How it benefits you the agent:

You can add a mark up on the branding and we can still invoice your client directly.


Other Advertising linked to JNC:

Your clients' brochures can go onto our passenger tickets. Your clients' adverts and/or picture of their branded helicopter can go onto our brochures. Our Brochures are distributed with 'Brochure Management'. They go into all malls, airports, beachfront hotels et cetera...



Surf Rescue Sponsorship:

This is a very lucrative option, it allows you to brand two helicopters both in Durban and Cape Town; these helicopters fly predominantly up and down the coast, and are seen by, not only beach goers.

On top of this, the rescues made by "the client's helicopter", are featured in many newspapers, television programs and news reports. Reporters often fly in the chopper, and are dropped on the beach when a rescue is made, giving them the opportunity to film and photograph the rescue. On top of this, the advertising is a tax right off, as it is considered to be a sponsorship.


The Surf Recue machines work during public holidays especially in season when the coastal lines are busy with people. (Whether it's just scouting around or actually rescuing)

The Surf Rescue sponsorship is BEE compliant and gives the sponsor 200 hours of flying time free, every year. (For the first time in 25 years we don't have a sponsorship, and we would love to give your clients this opportunity.)


The contracts are preferred to be based on a 2 year period however yearly can be arranged, fees involved are:


Branding of two Surf Rescue machines:

R1,000, 000.00 each

This entitles coverage in Durban and Cape Town.



Thank you for your interest in JNC Helicopters.

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