HAQ Technologies in Durban

HAQ Technologies specialises in the creation of Smart Business solutions, by integrating innovative ideas and technologies into our Computer solutions.Our expertise cover Web, Desktop, Intranet and Server Development. Development is also not limited to the Windows platform, but is extended to the Linux and Apple MAC platforms.
  • Custom Software Development

    This would include Client software. Application that reside on a single PC, or in a client / server model. We have experience in both Windows and Linux environments, with occasional MAC / Apple developments.
  • Web Application / Site / Portal Development

    This is another area in which HAQ Technologies have tremendous experience in. The platforms that we currently develop on includes ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, and CGI. Hosted on both Windows and Linux environments. Backend databases would include MS SQL 2000 - 2005, MySQL 4+, Oracle and Phoenix.
  • Integration Services

    Inter-Connecting desperate system is one of the strong areas in which HAQ Solutions partake. We have enormous experience in this, utilising technologies such as Biztalk, and other SOAs (Service Orientated Architectures).


HAQ Technologies

custom software development web application / site / portal development integration services