Halo Communications in Durban

Why choose Halo Communications?You are most likely to be an owner of a business or the key decision maker who is involved with more than 85% of IT purchases and needs timely and accurate information to make these decisions.Most likely not focused on IT and needs assistance demystifying technical challenges and information.Busy and looking to build a relationship with a reliable IT supplier, we build such relationships to enable your journey to business success.Our clients:Want to be understood and feel looked after. Ultimately wants to focus on managing their business, not their computing resources Values ongoing support and service offerings Seeks business products and service that exude professionalism What does it mean to work with Halo Communications?Solutions: Halocom is not only about notebooks & desktops. We provide an entire portfolio of solutions for example; hardware, software, networking, internet access and website hosting, security, storage and much more.Services: Halocom also means services, in particular availability of IT support specialists trained to support small business customer and on site support.
  • Website Hosting

    We host your website and your own @yourtcompany.co.za email addresses.
  • Website Design

    We design bespoke and template based website. From small to large websites following your branding/look and feel.
  • ADSL

    We supply ADSL accounts including uncapped ADSL for businesses who need always on fast internet.
  • IT / Network Support

    We support Microsoft Windows servers and networks including maintenance / outsourcing of IT support.


Halo Communications

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