eDocument Management Solutions in Durban

At eDocument Management Solutions we provide you with a total & affordable document management solutions, with services of scanning, indexing & offsite storage of you hard copies as well as electronic data.
  • Globodox

    Globodox is a highly scalable document management software that lets your organization manage and share documents in a secure manner. Extremely easy to deploy and use, Globodox is used by customers in over 50 countries.
    • Globodox
    • Globodox
    • Globodox
  • Sohodox

    Sohodox is an economically priced solution featuring all the tools that your small business needs to manage electronic and paper documents. Sohodox is simple to use allowing users to get productive from day one.
  • Scanning & Indexing

    We provide professional scanning of all your hard copy paper documents, which is then automatically OCR, then indexed for fast, efficient retrieval. We also provide offsite data stirage as well as storage of your hard copies.


eDocument Management Solutions

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