Combat Coaching in Durban

Offers training in Reality Based Personal Protection and Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Personal Protection classes

    Preparing you to survive the streets of South Africa by learning modern day self defence techniques and tactics to ensure that you stand a better chance of surviving an attack.
    • Personal Protection classes
  • Mixed Martial Arts classes

    Morné Swanepoel's JKD High Performance Mixed Martial Arts will expose you to the dynamics of Combat Athletics while exploring the stand up, clinch and ground fighting ranges which you see in 'No Rules' fighting events such as the UFC & Pride. Training is done against a resisting opponent in an 'alive' environment preparing those who would like to compete in the 'Cage Fighting' arenas and for those who would just like to reap the benefits in a friendly, fun and non-intimidating environment.
  • Bully Proof Your Child classes

    Exciting news. Our Bully Proof your Child website is now functional. It is still in it's beginning stages so please keep checking out the progress as it grows. Click here for the Bully Proof your Child Website We are also looking at expanding groups all over the world. So if you are interested in starting a group please follow the links on the website. This is available for those enthusiasts with no previous experience who is keen to train kids in the program, or who currently have their own Martial Art School or is a students of the Martial Arts.What is Bully Proof your Child Program?The kids are exposed to a unique blend of Mixed Martial Arts and Reality Based Personal Protection training. KickBoxing, Judo and Wrestling forms the basis of their training with the added benefit of a street smart program which will assist your child in dealing with bullies and real life situations they may encounter.
  • Ladies only Personal Protection classes

    Every Wednesday 19h00-21h00Muscle & Fitness gym, PinetownR50 per class or R150 per month.Contact us 031 903 7616 or


Combat Coaching

personal protection classes mixed martial arts classes bully proof your child classes ladies only personal protection classes