capital traders in durban

Exclusive stock market training education and mentorship

  • exclusive stock market training education and mentorship

    Capital Traders, an exclusive training and mentorship company,who with our partners Nedbank will teach private individuals how to trade the stock market successfully. Clients that meet our qualifying criteria will be mentored daily in all aspects of stock market trading by both Capital Traders and Nedbank . If you want to trade like a professional trader you need to be taught and mentored by professional traders as well as a financial institution. We do not promise exorbitant monthly profits as these are unsustainable and unrealistic and carry high risk. Our clients average 5-10% return on investment per month consistently. Intra day trading is the most lucrative business in the world;this is not a matter of opinion but a proven fact. We will trade in front of you and show that a 10% return per month spending 10 minutes a day is not only realistic but achievable from the word go. Qualifying clients can verify returns shown to them through Nedbank before joining. Novice and advanced traders as well as those looking to start trading are catered for in our mentorship programs. To see if you qualify,please send us an email with your level of trading experience as well as your contact details. Only those that are serious about trading need apply, those that are curious will not be considered. Ignorance is the most expensive hobby no-one can afford!!Franchise option now also available


capital traders

exclusive stock market training education and mentorship