C R A C K E R J A C K in durban

Crackerjack Marketing is based in Mt. Edgecombe, north of Durban, South Africa. 

Our company stocks the full range of:

Safety Equipment, Safety Signage and Safetywear.

Signage - We manufacture and design all types of signage and emergency lighting for your business.

Promotional Clothing / Screenprinting & Embroidery:We have all types of Golfers, Tees, Jackets & Caps for all your corporate clothing needs.

Tel: 0832940136   Fax: 0865291996

Email: crackerjackmarketing@yahoo.com


  • Safety Signs

    Manufacture and Marketing of entire range of Safety Signage
    • Safety Signs
    • Safety Signs
    • Safety Signs
    • Safety Signs
    • Safety Signs
  • Redlam Bolts

    Redlam Bolts for Fire Doors in line with local by-laws.
  • First Aid Kits

    Full range of all First Aid Kits
  • Safety Wear

    Conti Suits, Boiler Suits, Dust Jackets and Reflective Jackets. Full range with colours.
  • Safety Equipment

    Goggles, Helmets, Safety Shoes, Breathing Masks.
  • Fire Blankets

    Full Range in line with local by-laws.
  • Extinguisher & Hose Reel Canvas Covers

    Excellent quality Canvas Covers to protect from the elements.
  • Safety Harnesses

    We stock the Double Lanyard Safety Harness. This is a high quality harness which is essential for the construction and engineering industry. With the unique Double Lanyard system you can ensure one clip is always attached.
  • Emergency Hand Held Sirens

    This is a Hand Held Cannister that emits a powerful loud blast to use as a Fire Warning. They also have a break glass box that they sit in and is a cheaper option than a Fire Alarm.
  • Safety Gloves

    We stock the full range of SABS approved Safety Gloves. We also stock specialised gloves used for handling chemicals or working with oil and other flammable liquids.
  • Welding Helmets and Welding Gloves

    Basic to advanced Welding Helmets as well as welding gloves.
  • Plumbing Division

    We have a fully fledged Plumbing Division to attend to all your domestic and industrial requirements. No call out fee for quotation.Affordable Rates.Greater Durban / North Areas
  • General Signage

    We can manufacture any custom sign for your business. We also manufacture Emergency Lighting Signage as well as special engraving signs or digital print.
  • Traffic Signs

    We now stock and manufacture all standard Traffic Signs, such as Stop/Go, Stop, Workmen Ahead, Slow Down etc. All Traffic Signs are manufactured in accordance with Transport Act.
  • Road Marking - Painting Numbers or Names onto Tar in complexes

    We have qualified Signwriters who will paint numbers or names onto Tar as per specifications. Reasonable rates
  • Promotional Clothing

    We stock a wide range of Golfers, Tees, Jackets & Caps. We can fully customise your uniform or corporate clothing gear.
  • Embroidery & Screenprinting

    We offer a full Embroidery & Screenprinting service. Fully customised to your exact needs.



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