BGA - Bodyguard Agency in Durban

BGA – Bodyguard Agency supplies elite Executive Protection Officers to an international clientele. Our Head Office is located in Durban, South Africa, perfectly positioned for all your Close Protection and Security needs during the 17th Conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to be hosted by Durban city from 28 Nov – 09 Dec 2011. For booking details, contact us at: +27 (0) 82 823 2323, or visit our website:
  • Protection Services (bodyguards)

    VIP Protection/ Executive Protection/ Close Protection (Bodyguards) Services VIP Protection/ Executive Protection/ Close Protection (Bodyguards) Services
  • Complete Travel and Security Service Complete Travel and Security Service

    BGA has an extensive database and long-term relationships with a comprehensive group of service providers within the hospitality, travel and security industry. This is a summary of some of the services we offer to assist our clients to ensure a professional and comprehensive service to them.
  • Online Bodyguard Booking Service

    YOUR ULTIMATE ONLINE BODYGUARD BOOKING SERVICE World first: book your protection online! BGA has revolutionised the way Executive Protection Officers are secured by initiating this confidential, secure booking service.
  • General Security and Additional Services

    Integrated security assessments of commercial, residential and industrial premises.•Installation of technical security systems (Surveillance equipment, alarms etc.)•Special event security
  • Investigations

    BGA offers tailored investigation packages for both the corporate and private sector to suit each client's specific requirements. These packages include: •Background checks•Due diligence and forensic auditing•Comprehensive intelligence analysis
  • Become a BGA Strategic Partner

    Becoming a BGA Strategic PartnerIn order to expand its Brand Internationally BGA have adopted a Strategic Partner model. Once a strategic Partner has been appointed by BGA we will assist them with the tools and support needed to establish BGA in their region. Alternately BGA will train Strategic Partners on the use of this revolutionary product, enabling them to provide this exclusive product to their clientele.
  • Become a BGA Protector

    Why partner BGA?•BGA partners Protectors on a full-disclosure basis, ensuring they receive the majority of the income derived from the clients they are protecting.•BGA assists Protectors with the business tools and support they need to operate professionally, including intelligence, risk assessments and financial muscle.
  • Risk Assessments

    BGA's comprehensive risk assessments form the basis of our business offering, which is paramount in establishing the correct Client Risk Profile. Risk specific mitigation and reduction strategies are identified and recommended, based on global best practices. We endeavor to ensure and sustain client legal compliance, business continuity and quality of life within an integrated risk management framework.
  • Training, Assessments and Job Placement

    BGA has a fully-fledged training academy. The BGA Academy was established to train, conduct refresher training, and assess the best protectors and security personnel in the security industry. The BGA Academy focuses mainly on:•Close Protection Training: Helping candidates start a career in the close protection / bodyguard industry.•Corporate Training: Training corporate and private sector security managers and staff.•Assessments: BGA offers a comprehensive evaluation of all close protection officers to ensure that we know the individual status / ability of every close protector on our database.
  • !VIP Protection/ Executive Protection/ Close Protection (Bodyguards) Services

    BGA is your ultimate Executive Protection Service.Over the years BGA Protectors have provided Close Protection services to royalty, political figures, business executives, celebrities and sports personalities.Why choose BGA?�We grant you access to an international database of Protectors that have all been assessed and ranked according to an internationally accepted assessment tool.�We provide security risk assessments and technical security solutions to enhance this Close Protection Service.�We facilitate all transportation and accommodation requirements.�We provide a confidential world-class close protection service at all times with the resources to dissolve potentially high-risk situations.


BGA - Bodyguard Agency

protection services (bodyguards) complete travel and security service complete travel and security service online bodyguard booking service general security and additional services investigations become a bga strategic partner become a bga protector risk assessments training, assessments and job placement !vip protection/ executive protection/ close protection (bodyguards) services