Allan & Son Plumbing Services in Durban

Burst, broken or leaking pipes? burst or leaking geysers? safety valves, running overflow pipes, leaking pressure valves in Durban? Need a plumber? Let us take care of this for you. Got a blocked drain? No problem, our plumbers are skilled, experienced and efficient in clearing all types of blockages including, blocked toilets, sinks, basins, baths, showers, pipes, sewer lines, stormwater pipes, manholes etc. We also handle new installations – if you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom – call us – we’ll assist. Why use us?We’re affordable Efficient – we get the job done with urgency!Reliable – call us - we will be there for you! We maintain our service with pride & handle our clients with careWe look for the most cost effective, long term solution for all your plumbing requirements – we love to see you, but not all the timeWe work in every class in every sector – if you are looking for something or want to get something done then chances are that we know how to do it, and at a better rate too. Please call Mike on 078 010 2441 or Rowen on 083 357 8282 . With over 20 years experience in the field you will not be let down by our service.We have a 24 hour consultant on hand: your emergency is our priority.


Allan & Son Plumbing Services