3j Solution in Durban

3j Solutions provides quality business listing and advertising for small businesses to large enterprises. It is our mission to create business partnerships with our clients and visitors where all parties can benefit from companies reaching their target audiences getting exact information they want quickly, effectively and easily. We provide a service that is fast, simple and accessible to all people.With a variety of advertising from print to television, your business or organization can’t afford not to be listed or liaise with us. No matter what field of business you are in, the more people that are aware about you presence the greater the brand name becomes and ultimately the greater the impact on your target market. We take away the hassle out of advertising and boost results by getting your company or organization name known to the public.Team 3j takes pride in affording excellent services to client’s and SMME’s at a fraction of the cost of what is expected by a usual branding house or advertising agency, thus we have managed to secure a good network of client’s of whom are listed, and the reciprocity lies in that we utilize each other for various services in our 3j community from chartered helicopters to stationary supplies.We provide a list of services e.g. Web hosting & design, corporate branding, pamphlet distribution, visualization and conceptualization for product and services, brand management and effective marketing and many more means of advertising in essence. Our marketing structures are tailor made to your organizations needs and accentuated in areas of interest, thus providing our client with job satisfaction and results.


3j Solution

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