Yellow Hills Consulting in Durban, South Africa

• We specialise in formulating business solutions and developing full-scale Management Information Systems (MIS) for every facet of the business industry. Some of these systems include: • Warehousing systems • Stock control systems • Point-of-sale systems • Financial and accounting systems • Automation systems • Management reporting and decision support systems • Performance management (production, benchmarking) systems • Systems integration – This is the merging of newer systems to older systems that already exist in your business. • We also specialise in business solutions consulting that forms an integral part of any business that aims to have a competitive edge in its market place. • Website and web-based application development in PHP and MySQL. • If one of your business’ goals is to become a market leader in your respective industry then give us a call and together we will help make your goal into reality. We live by our promise because through our efficient and cutting edge systems, we have helped our clients on their way to become their industry’s respective market leaders.
  • Software development

    We develop highly customised software for every facet of today's industry. We specialise in developing systems which include Accounting, Stock Control and Warehousing, Point-of-sale, SIM/Cellular Stock Control and Automation systems.


Yellow Hills Consulting

software development