Smintory Electric & Plumbing Contractor in Durban central

SMINTORY ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING CONTRACTORSmintory Group is based in 2130 Inanda Glebe Smintory Group is giving a highly professional and excellent services to our clients and we have completed a lot of successful schools,hospital and housing developments projects. Smintory Group is also specializing with maitanance for the above mentioned services. Smintory Group is proud to our clients a perfect services with a good rate. WE EXCEL IN OUR SERVICESSMINTORY ELECTRIC & PLUMBING CONTRACTORTel : 031-510 1275Fax : 086 267 8555Cel : 082 745 2656Email : smintorytrading@gmail.comWebsite :


Smintory Electric & Plumbing Contractor