Bluetwo IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd. in Durban , Glenashley

WELCOME TO BLUETWO IT SOLUTIONSYour One-Stop Solutions Provider CompanyOut of our home base in Durban, South Africa, Bluetwo IT Solutions has been delivering world class networking, information and internet technologies for over 5 years with a focus on exceptional customer service and quality products.
  • Internet Service Provider

    Bluetwo IT Solutions provides home and corporate organizations with tailor made solutions to meet their specific IT requirements. This includes the integration of services such as Internet, Data and Wireless applications to existing company infrastructures while incorporating most facets of the IT industry. We aim to make your business as efficient and cost effective as possible, therefore allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. We offer an array of products and services giving our customers' access to a vast selection of existing and new technologies such as iBurst Wireless Broadband and our new "Switched-On Hosting" Solutions. With our new development Division, we are expanding even more into the Government & NGO sectors.


Bluetwo IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

internet service provider