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  • ScaleAwayBIO

    ScaleAwayBIO is a new technology, non-toxic, eco-friendly, bio-degradable, descaler specifically formulated to rapidly clean limescale, rust, mud and sludge from passages in all water-cooled orwater-heated equipment, like heat exchangers, oil coolers, water chillers, cooling towers, boilers & furnaces.
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  • Descaling Machines

    We provide Industrial Descalers, Industrial Descaling Equipment, Industrial Descaling Services, Water Treatment Systems and Water Treatment Services. Water scale and rust on any heat transfer surfacereduces the effectiveness of that heat transfer. This results in reduced equipment efficiency while increasing energy consumption, increasing costs and even increasing plant downtime. Descaling ofthe water-side of all machinery on a regular basis is a preventative measure to maintain optimum working temperature and performance. This ensures machine settings are maintained which eliminatesdown-time on production and minimizes wear and tear on your machines. The retardation of heat transfer caused by limescale is the prime reason for the increase in energy, maintenance and operationalcosts.


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