Dic Homes in centurion/pretoria

Buying, Selling, Rentals & Bond Originating.

  • Rentals / Letting

    We offer a renting / letting service where we deal with the best owners to rent there properties out to the best tennants. We help you obtain the best suited rental property for your & your families needs. Our commissions are discussed & accepted by the owners & is negotiable.
  • Bond Originating / Mortgage Bonds

    We also offer a bond originating service where we help you as buyer obtain the best suited mortgage bond with the best interest rate. We also do 2nd or 3rd bonds for the existing home owners. All you need to do is send us your documentation & we will do the rest for you!
  • Estate agents / Property Selling

    With all our qualified agents we strive on our excellent service when it comes to selling properties. We show at our development sites on weekdays & weekends between 10am & 6pm. We mainly function in Centurion, Midrand & surrounding areas.


Dic Homes

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