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VoIP technology is the new Buzzword. VoIP is one of the hottest topics and now offers sales / distributing agents the opportunity to enter into the Telecommunications environment, sharing in this rapidly growing industry with monthly residual returns and benefits. Communication trends show that more and more people recognize the ability of information and communication technology to profoundly transform the way organizations work by making it easier and cheaper for people to access information and make telephone calls. Scentel is strategically well positioned to offer an affordable solution with the necessary failover and redundancy required. We have a large number of well known companies / brand names already installed making use of Scentel services, like Toshiba, Nestle, IFMSA just to name a few. Scentel Value Proposition Voice Solutions Scentel is a leading innovator of business Voice over IP (VoIP) phone services, taking a new approach to deliver the best value, quality, cost effectiveness and redundant services to our clients. With new frontiers opened by Voice over IP technology, Scentel will guide our customers to the right solution to enhance your existing telecommunication system or develop custom designed solutions to allow our customers to capitalize on these new opportunities without the risks normally associated with VoIP and voice technology. With our in depth understanding of the underlying technologies we can customize solutions at a level that is compatible with our clients’ business model and not the other way around. You will be amazed what possibilities lie untapped, from fully fledged call centre applications which enable your customers to use your web site as a voice gateway to your office. Data Solutions To achieve the maximum benefits associated with Data networks, Scentel will assist our clients to establish environments that support long-term, cost-effective broadband deployments, which in return strengthens an organization’s competitiveness. Data networks are widely considered essential infrastructure for the global information environment, by providing organizations with fast access to Internet-based services, content and applications. The proposed deployment of a new data network aims to achieve the abovementioned goals and to create a competitive broadband environment in which clients can focus on being strategically positioned leaders in their business sectors. The basket of products offered by Scentel includes: • A variety of last mile access medium technology options, • Internet access, • Web site and server hosting, • Virtual hosting, • Virtual private networks and • Associated services such as support, consulting, maintenance and upgrades. Outsourced IT Solutions From our managed services practice which focuses on full or fractional IT outsourcing, to our consulting, our team works constantly to stay ahead of the curve and to bring the best possible client service to each engagement. Scentel IT consultants maintain the highest level of technology and security certifications possible, so you can with confidence, entrust your organization’s IT environment to Scentel. Scentel’s IT infrastructure and consulting solutions focus on minimizing, or all together eliminating the burden of managing and operating a company's IT infrastructure and assists clients to navigate the ever-changing IT environment, from data centre to desktop. Whether you’re tackling an existing obstacle or planning for the future, let our team help you enhance your IT environment and maximize your contribution to the organization. Hosted Solutions Scentel offers a range of hosted services thereby reducing capital expenditure and enabling clients to focus on their core business – whether you need to host a simple website, or run a full online application through cloud computing technology, Scentel can meet your unique configuration requirements. Partners Scentel has formed strategic partnerships with selected business partners and are closely associated with a number of market leading ICT companies, network operators and hardware/software vendors, this enable us to provide our clients with seamless, complete telecommunication solutions. Scentel’s business partners include the following: • MTN • Vodacom • Vodacom Business • Cell C • Telkom Wholesale • Neotel • ECN • VirtuoConnect • Telfree • Greenwin • Virtual box • Broadband Innovations • Vox Telecom • Internet Solutions • iBurst Business • CentraCom • Bitco • Bitco Wireless • Saix • Broadlink • Wirecom Scentel Commitment Our commitment to innovation is demonstrated through the following key areas: By utilizing our unique telecommunication platforms, our customers have 24/7 uninterrupted uptime, made possible by our 3-phased fail-over-network structure, Scentel can therefore guarantee world class quality of service. Redundancy and Network availability • The Scentel Network has been designed with high levels of redundancy, security and disaster protection. • Multiple last mile access solutions supported to carry voice or data traffic. These include wireless, ADSL, leased lines and fibre termination. Unchallenged value • Month to month contracts available • Best price in the market • Per second billing Technology Instead of licensing one-size fits all voice software like other service providers, our market-leading technology has been developed to cater for all market requirements. Customer Service Our commitment is to be your complete reliable, seamless, outsourced IT service provider. Service Level Agreements Scentel offers an unrivalled range of high quality customised services geared to cater for all segments of the market, backed by an extensive resilient core network backbone. Our Service Level Agreement ensures the highest level of network availability and network performance.

  • VoIP

    A Ubique VoIP Solution, with failover and redundency.Lowest call charges with the best call quality.
  • VBX (Virtual PABX)

    Industry changing software that works as traditional PABX with additional features such as , call recording, mail to fax, fax to mail and a whole lot more STARTING AT R350pm!!!!
  • DATA

    Data for internet use.
  • Cellular Services




voip vbx (virtual pabx) data cellular services