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LinkWorld was established in 2000 as an import arm for SSE and has since expanded to become a major player in the South African antenna and cable supplier’s market, also exporting to the majority of Southern African countries. Experience in antenna & coaxial cable selection are essential in signal enhancement. LinkWorld is the authorized distributor of RF Industries,a South African antenna product ranging from 1MHz – 1800MHz. LinkWorld Distributors also holds Southern African distributorship agreements for Coiler repeaters, Camden termination blocks, Kuwes Cables, LTW Technology waterproof connectors and SSE manufacture brackets and clamps.

  • Cell phone repeaters

    Cellphone repeaters enhance you cellphone signal in a specific area. It comes as a booster that you can put in your home or office. Antenna's, connectors and cable included. Its easy enough to install yourself or we can send someone out to install it for you. Perfect for rural area's or area's where Telkom lines have been stolen and you have little or no communication.
  • Telular Phonecell

    Access the Internet and E-Mail. Automatic end-of-dialing, Caller ID, call waiting/callhold, call forwarding, Easy set up, 7 LEDs for signal strength, message alert and terminal status. Reduce costs withoutreducing phone serviceswith this easy to installwireless terminal.GPRS packet data, multi-slot Class 10 (up to 72 kbps)*• Circuit switched digital computer fax and data (up to 14.4 kbps)*• Short Message Service (SMS)*• Group 3 analog fax (optional)*• Compatible with popular supplementary services includingcaller ID, call waiting/call hold, call forwarding, call barring,multi-party calling*• Single jack or dual jack for voice and fax operation• DTMF and pulse-dialing• Supports up to five phones (5 REN)• Emergency battery backup• Standard GSM Mini-SIM (Subscriber Identification Module)3 volt and 5 volt compatible• Supports GSM personalization features (GSM 02.22)
  • Connectors

    A wide variety of connectors, what you want, we have!


Linkworld Distributors

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