ComSpec Inspect in Centurion

Do I need an Inspection? - buying a property? - selling a property? - investing in property? - property maintenance or planning maintenance? - do you need a preventative maintenance schedule for yourproperty? - do you feel the building contractor or developer are taking you for a ride? - small to medium Landlords that need to comply with the OSH Act to do their annual inspections. The "PropertyInspection" and role of the property inspector is to provide common sense, factual answers regarding the actual physical condition of the property. With the us use of training, technology (InfraredCamera) and extensive knowledge and experience, the property inspector will document all significant observable defects, on the specified date and time, assess and explain the significance of eachdefect and, where practical, provide an informed estimate as to the cost of repair.
it's not your lunch money get an inspection done


ComSpec Inspect