Bluntt in Centurion

Your Internet Services Company - Bespoke Software development, Content Managements Sysytems, Graphic and Web design.

  • Web hosting

    Best priced, server dedicated, web hosting options available for business and personal use. Web hosting plans for Linux and Windows based platforms.
  • Design

    Web and Graphic design specialists, covering webpages, corporate branding, photography, presentations, reports, flash banners, custom graphics, logos, twitter backgrounds and a lot more
  • Development

    Bluntt's Bespoke Development is a professional approach to client demands. It's a customised service developed especially to meet business requirements of different clients. It continuously improves functionality as per industry best practices thereby reducing the cost and time to deliver.
  • Content Management Services CMS

    Every business is unique in both its objectives and in what it is trying to achieve. Our job at Bluntt is to provide you with a Content Management System that both understands these objectives and achieves the eventual goals. Bluntt can build a user friendly editable webpage to suit for business needs.



web hosting design development content management services cms