Lazarus Car Hire in Centurion and Capetown

Lazarus Car Hire, a division of Lazarus Motor Company (Pty) Ltd, has been operational for just over four years now. In this short period we have had some amazing successes. For instance, we have contracted to supply governmentdepartments with an average of twenty five monthly rentals over an extendedperiod, we have supplied in excess of fifty Land Rovers for six months to amajor American movie company during the making of "Blood Diamond" starring Leonardo De Caprio, we are approved suppliers to five major vehicle franchises for their customers who are assisted under their respective warranty parameters,we also supply the needs of various insurance companies, embassies, corporatebodies etc.Although Lazarus Car Hire is a 'one branch outfit' we have the means tosupply vehicles anywhere in the country including all the major airports.Because Lazaus Motor Company has several vehicle franchises, our fleet ismade up of their products ie: a whole range of passenger vehicles, one tonpick-ups (4x2 and 4x4, standard and outfitted for long range treks), luxuryvehicles and upper level off-road vehicles. However, our relationship with othersuppliers enables us to source almost any type of vehicle.Unlike many of the larger rental companies, we are structured in such a wayas to enable us to negotiate rental packages that meets the needs of eachclient.It is also very important to note that we are a black owned company whichmakes us an ideal supplier to those companies that need to improve theirown BEE ratings.All this is supported by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated personell thatare not afraid to go the extra mile and work odd or extended hours to supporttheir customers.


Lazarus Car Hire

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