EyeQ - Optometrists in Cavendish Square, Tyger Valley, Canal Walk

EyeQ is a group of optometric retail practices that specialises in exclusive designer eyewear and specialist spectacle lens products for the discerning customer. This we offer over and above sophisticated clinical vision testing and evaluation to the highest standards internationally.
  • Optometry

    Optometry is a descriptor for the evaluation of all aspects of vision ie eyesight, visual acuity, colour vision, binocular vision and stereo vision (depth perception)low vision (patially sighted)
  • Dispensing

    Dispensing is the process of provision and manufacture of prescription spectalces, pescription sunglasses, prescription diving masks, made to the highest standards with special optical materials for superior visual acuity and visual performance.
  • Contact Lens Fitting

    EyeQ specialises in advanced contact lens fitting, from post-laser, corneal grafts, kertoconus to ortho-keratology. This is done in addition to standard contact lens fitting of daily, and other disposable contact lenses to cosmetic coloured contact lenses.


EyeQ - Optometrists

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