Pipe & Plant Engineering in Carletonville

Innovative Precision Engineering Solutions: We provide engineering and fabrication services to local mines and other organisations in the geographical area (but certainly not limited to only Carletonville). Some of the services we provide, include:BOILERMAKING/FABRICATIONS: - Small to medium fabrications - Manufacture & repair to material cars and related items - Refurbishment and manufacturing of hoppers and loco wheels - Repairs to and Manufacturing of Hoppers and accessories - Repair & Manufacture 0f Head and Tail Pulleys - Repair & Manufacture of Shaft Gates and Screens - Repair & Manufacture of Pipe Clamps - Repair & Manufacture of Stainless Steel Products - Repair & Manufacture of Aluminium Fabrication - Manufacture of Box Fronts & Radial Doors, Dead Eyes & Hinges - Manufacture of Incline Stairs - Manufacture of Floating Platforms for Tailings Penstock Maintenance - Fabricate & Repairs to Underground Bicycles FITTING & TURNING: Repair & Manufacture of - Hydraulic Cylinders, Pneumatic Cylinders, Material Car & Hopper Wheels, Dolly Guide Wheels (Hoppers), Bogey Kinpins, Manufacturing of Studs, Bolts & Coupling Bolts, General Machining


Pipe & Plant Engineering

engineering & fabrication boilermaking & refurbishment repair & manufacture pipe clamps floating platforms fitting & turning shaft gates & screens