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Does your organisation use bulk fuel(Diesel or petrol), or do you know of any business that does. If so then you must contact us as we can save your organisation fortunes in fuel costs.

We are Bulk fuel suppliers and specialist Fuel consultants that have knowledge and technology which can save your company a lot of money on the supply and management of your fuel, thus saving you on your fuel operational costs.

We can save YOU a guaranteed 10% and possibly more, every month. Eg: If your business uses 100,000 litres of fuel per month we can currently,possibly save you R100,000.00 per month or more on your fuel costs. Large consumers of 1, 000, 000 litres can currently,possibly save in excess of R600,000.00 per month.

N.B This varies according to current fuel prices. If you are interested please contact us with the following information:

1. The monthly volume of fuel used.

2. The storage capacity of your fuel tanks on site if any. 3. Type of fuel used.

4. The current rate per litre paid for your fuel. We have

We have Knowledge and Technology to save you fortunes on your fuel bill.

We will show you how to buy your trucks for FREE.

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    We supply bulk fuel (Diesel & Petrol).Save you fortunes on your fuel bill.Contact us for a presentation.
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The Fuel Consultant

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