Zingaro "THE SOLAR COMPANY" in Cape Town

We provide a wide range of products in the field of renewable energy, which have been approved by renowned German and European Bureaus of standards. Our philosophy allows us only to sell solar energy equipments of the highest level. Our policy is to provide premium alternative energy equipment and to work with the world leaders in the provision of alternative energy products. The solar systems we offer have the highest efficiency rate in the world, are maintenance free and most important save a lot of electricity and money. They are highly flexible and only need the sun to operate. Our designs are specific to our customer’s requirements and we scope them accordingly. Our customers include government Quasi-Government, parastatals, education, industry, companies as well as domestic including high concentration developments such as the prison\, townships, etc. We plan and deliver exactly depending on the use, purpose and size as we deal with governments, companies as well as with individuals. We would like to thank you for the interest in our products. Please find attached our company profile and catalog of our current product range. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further assistance.
  • Products - AMK Tube Panels OPC 10

    The tubes for any weather the year round.Our 360° absorber tube utilizes solar energy the year round in the most efficient way and provide the house with free energy even in gloomy weather. Compared with other collectors, the absorbers, thanks to the 360° technology, absorb direct and diffuse radiation in a much greater mass. In concert with the vacuum insulation, heretofore unknown rates of efficiency have been achieved with our 360° absorber tubes. Even at sub-zero temperatures this construction prevents heat loss. The vacuum between the mutually fused glass tubes cannot be destroyed. The insulating effect remains unchanged. This enables the 360° absorber tubes to provide constantly high performance data for the entire life of the tube.•The absorber is a uniform body of glass. No metal-glass compounds.•Top vacuum capacity is maintained for the whole service life. •All round absorber for the greatest possible energy-collecting surface; utilizes up to 80% of the diffuse radiation.•A consistently high rate of efficiency is maintained for the service life because the insulation and the absorber layer do not break down with time.•The tube can only be damaged mechanically. Even a tube with vacuum loss which doesn’t exhibit any visible glass breakage is immediately recognizable by the white, water vapor cloudiness. •A gradual decrease in yield is impossible.•9-fold aluminium nitrite coating



products - amk tube panels opc 10