Willem Avenant Tree Specialist in Cape Town

Willem Avenant Tree Specialist offers a full range of high-quality, professional tree care services. Willem is a UK-trained professional arborist, and has a highly trained and experienced team working to international standards. We offer:


Professional tree trimming - This includes crown lifting, crown reduction, thinning and dead wooding of mature trees.

Professional tree felling – Felling ranging from ordinary trees, to felling dangerous and hazardous trees, of any size and height.

Planting and transplanting.

Consulting Services

Professional tree care is essential for discerning home and business owners, as improperly performed tree work can damage or kill trees, and jeopardize safety. We very much look forward to working with you for your residential and commercial tree care needs.

It is our mission to beautify and improve the health of trees in the Cape by promoting awareness of the importance of using certified professionals for tree care, and furthering education on proper tree management.

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  • Willem Avenant Tree Specialist

    Professional, safe and quality treecare, by qualified arborists/tree surgeons.Tree FellingTree TrimmingConsultationsPalnting and transplanting


Willem Avenant Tree Specialist

willem avenant tree specialist