Western Cape Cooling in Cape Town

Over the years we have developed a range of cooling towers which we have incorporated the real advantages to better deal with the conditions which may exist in your specific applications.

Our extensive range of cooling towers is designed to meet the needs of every customer, from the gold mine, power stations and hospitals. Refrigeration and industry are just a few of the applications where our cooling towers are used.

Our services at Western Cape Cooling:

As part of our marketing strategy, we offer you as the client a total free inspection of your cooling towers.

We will then supply you with a budget proposal in order for us to bring them back to the original design specifications. As we are a service orientated company, we service any type or make of cooling towers as well as a full range of industrial application cooling towers.

We ave the following products that we offer and services that come with it.

Fibreglass cooling towers

All materials used in the towers are stainless steel.

Our range of cooling towers is as follows

ICT 650

ICT 850

ICT 1250

ICT 1550

ICT 1850 as well as the 7.5m ICT 2750


Western Cape Cooling
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