Ultimate Holiday Planner in Cape Town

We have the biggest database of all Points of Interest in South Africa. It offers the best ways to research and plan your trip, without having to pay anything!Experience your dream SA Vacation!
  • Accommodation

    We have a large database of realtime and offline accommodation establishments ranging from camping, 3, 4 and 5 star accommodation, bed and breakfast, guesthouses etc
  • Packages

    We have packages that ar 2 days or longer listed on our website. These include cycling, quad biking, horse riding, hot air ballooning, safaris, golfing, shark diving, extreme sports, surfing and overland camping trips
  • Day Tours

    We have an extensive database of day tours. They range from shoe string to luxurious day tours all across South Africa.
  • Safety and Assitance Line

    We have a service where you can call us for any information while you are travelling in South Africa. This can range from the weather forecast, whats on at the movies, emergency numbers, taxis and other bookings you require.
  • Mobile in SA

    We load you sim card with talk time or sms bundle. If you are in a tour group be customize your sim with all the numbers of your fellow tourists and emergency numbers you may require. This way you can communicate with friends and family while in a foreign country.


Ultimate Holiday Planner

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