top medical clinics for women in cape town in cape town

we provide with pregnancy termination services as well as pregnancy caring and councelling visits for more info

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    TOP MEDICAL CLINICS provides medical abortion services

    ALL TOP MEDICAL ClinicS supports a woman's right to self determination in all reproductive matters.

    We believe that this principle promotes health and justice for women and our whole society. Women facing an unintended pregnancy are provided information regarding all their options and can count on our unconditional support after reaching the decision that feels right for them, whichever it may be.

    We provide termination of unwanted pregnancy from 3 to 20 weeks LMP. Procedures are performed using the latest ultrasound technology, specialized instruments and the most effective and safe medications and techniques.We also provide with home delivery in south Africa as well as any corner of the world

    In addition, we are dedicated to meeting a wide range of special problems faced by women including:

    Termination of Pregnancy, Birth Control, Walk-in Laboratory and Pregnancy Testing, Office Surgery, Emergency Contraception (Morning-After Pill, IUD)

    We are here to help you handle these needs in every way we can with dignity and compassion.

    We understand your problems. We care about them. We can help., call 0604485183 or visits


top medical clinics for women in cape town
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